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Many of us want to grow more of our own food, and to encourage community market gardens – but what’s possible in the northern climate? In 2014 Angus and Zara Gordon Lennox set out to restore their derelict 8-acre walled garden in Fochabers with the help of garden designer Arne Maynard. The walls provide immediate shelter but overall the ground is fully exposed to the Moray weather.


The dust from Mount Hekla’s eruption in Iceland in 1845 had an effect on Orkney. Could rock dust have the same effect on tomatoes? Growers in Orkney and Moray have grown and harvested a selection of tomatoes for you to taste, some fertilised with rock dust and some without. The Senior Phase Skills for Work Hospitality students at UHI Orkney will prepare and serve them for you, the panel, to taste and rate the results.

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