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Westray and Evie pupils catch the wind and meet the challenge

February 20th, 2023|, |

Westray and Evie schools are the winners of the 2022 Blyth Challenge. The Challenge, named after Scottish 19th-century wind energy pioneer James Blyth, set a target for schools: to design and build a model wind turbine; or alternatively to produce a research portfolio on wind power. It was run by Dave Craig from SCDI Young Engineers and


July 3rd, 2022||

Fire on the Amazon, fire in the Arctic. Orkney’s rocks forming in an ancient lake. Dinosaurs with wings. The origins of the potato, and the origins of Orkney’s own grain. The days of early radio. The Caithness genius who invented the fax machine, and the electric clock as well. The men and women who tended a seed bank through

Online Events

July 3rd, 2022||

You can access many events online. The past two years have been a time of discovery for us, developing online delivery and finding out that we have been able to reach many people who would not otherwise have been able to access us. We are delivering a range of events online this year. Some of these are livestreamed from

Art & Film

July 3rd, 2022||

Among the exhibitions, art meets geology in The Rock Cycle, and it meets poetry and natural history in When the Grass Dances, with a film too. Other films include island elements of Orkney and a filmed composition of drawing, painting and sound from the Ness of Brodgar excavations, evoking the physical existence of the dig, in a flow of voices and images.

Exhibitions 2022

July 3rd, 2022||

There’s a rich mixture of themes in this year’s exhibitions. Art meets geology in The Rock Cycle at the Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, and just along the street Orkney’s Neolithic past is the theme of After Orcadia at the Northlight Gallery. A little further on, Stromness Museum features the story of an ongoing excavation of an Iron Age broch

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