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Festival Club

We always like to round off the day in The Reel, with music and conversation, and a choice of refreshments. The online Festival Club aims to capture some of the atmosphere, with Orkney musicians, and visitors as well joining in, and an opportunity to meet other Festival-goers. If you want fuller discussion, there are virtual tables that you can join.

Food & Drink

Orkney’s renowned for fine food and drink, and the Festival’s an ideal time to enjoy it. You can join us at lunchtime, and we’ll explain how you can make your own Orkney lunch and enjoy interviews and stories. You can also join one of the online tables for a chat with other Festival-goers. The Festival Club in the evening also provides an opportunity to meet up, and enjoy some music. Then there’s Skaill House on Sunday, with an Orkney afternoon tea.

Prof. Tom Stevenson to open 30th Festival

Prof. Tom Stevenson to open 30th Festival This year’s Orkney International Science Festival will be opened by Prof. Tom Stevenson. He has the unique distinction of having spoken in every Science Festival since the first one in 1991, developing lecture/demonstrations on topics from superconductivity and energy technology to early

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