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Westray and Evie pupils catch the wind and meet the challenge

February 20th, 2023|, |

Westray and Evie schools are the winners of the 2022 Blyth Challenge. The Challenge, named after Scottish 19th-century wind energy pioneer James Blyth, set a target for schools: to design and build a model wind turbine; or alternatively to produce a research portfolio on wind power. It was run by Dave Craig from SCDI Young Engineers and


July 1st, 2022|, |

New insights into the origins of bere in Orkney fields, and of potatoes on a high Bolivian plateau. Ship design for Neolithic seas and for polar icy waters today. Orkney genes and patterns of human disease. A new field of engineering with the single remit: find a path to the future. These are some of the elements of the

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