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Orkney clues to Pandora’s secrets?

Orkney clues to Pandora's secrets? A hunt is on for Orcadian links to the warship Pandora, wrecked off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef more than two centuries ago. The investigation brings in archaeology, history, genealogy and forensic science. The Pandora

Jane Goodall to open 2012 Festival

Jane Goodall to open 2012 Festival One of the world’s leading figures in conservation is to open this year’s Orkney International Science Festival. Jane Goodall is internationally known for her ongoing study of chimpanzees in Tanzania that has spanned

Sanday Soulka

Sanday Soulka Intrigued by the name? You’ll have to look it up on the website – 2013 is the third year of the Sanday Soulka weekends, when island life is celebrated with a variety of activities designed to

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