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The Selkie’s New Clothes

Are inspired by the selkie folklore, shape-shifting beings and their transformative powers. In order to shapeshift they had to cast off their sealskins. Within these magical skins lay the transformative power to return to seal form, and therefore to the sea.


It’s 50 years since the death of Robert Rendall, Orkney shore naturalist and poet. Two exhibitions in the Orkney Library mark the occasion, with archive letters and photos, and new images of the Orkney shore. The new pictures come

The UK’s Brightest Light Source

Light is crucial to life on Earth. Heat is transferred from the sun, in the form of infrared radiation, to warm the planet and to drive the climate system, whilst photosynthesis, the process which makes atmospheric oxygen and from

Open Windows lets the light in

Open Windows lets the light in The windows along the main street of Stromness are the gallery for a new exhibition in this year’s Science Festival. It’s the third Open Windows exhibition, with the work of fifty

Ernest W. Marwick: writer and scholar

Ernest W. Marwick: writer and scholar Scholar and author, journalist and broadcaster, campaigner, and a true gentleman – who could so aptly fit that description but Orkney’s own Ernest W. Marwick? An exhibition in Orkney Archive will touch on

Beatrice Works

Imagine you are gazing at a 300 foot high wind turbine being raised from its horizontal position at Nigg Bay, Rosshire, up into the sky, to become a mammoth perpendicular structure, with the aid of giant robotic cranes on either side, men in steel helmets beetling around like ants overseeing the whole operation and keeping it safe from disaster.

From Orkney to Canada

The exhibition of paintings by Sheena Fraser McGoogan and Jane Glue, From Orkney to Canada, with images of some of the places John Rae loved, on both sides of the Atlantic, will be at the Jane Glue Gallery in Finstown from 7 September to 5 October, Monday to Saturday, 10.30 am to 4.30 pm.

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