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Walking Lake Orcadie

September 1st, 2021||

An exhibition by Rebecca Marr - In Walking Lake Orcadie Rebecca, a photographic artist whose gaze is often on the natural world, among clouds or plants or seaweed, focuses on flagstones as individuals, each shaped by time. In close-up, she says, the stones form compositions, images that range from moonscapes to figures in a dance, each one “a still image made in a time of flux”. ...

Set fair for Swona

September 1st, 2021||

Out in the Pentland Firth tidestream, on the southern approaches to Scapa Flow, the island of Swona has seen many shipwrecks. It has been uninhabited for nearly fifty years, and the remaining cattle, now feral, are recognised as a distinct breed. You can see Swona, with its seals and feral cattle, out in the Pentland Firth, in Katy Firth’s exhibition of 360-degree photospheres. Turn them around for complete panoramic views, with recordings and archive photos as well. ...

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