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Orkney Seaweed Survey (Family Challenge)

July 7th, 2021||

Join us in the Orkney Seaweed Survey! How much seaweed is there around Orkney’s shorelines? Find out and let us know! Prize for the best entry! Then you can use your information to complete the Natural History Museum and the Marine Conservation Society Big Seaweed Survey. They have no records from Orkney yet - can you help by recording the seaweeds on an Orkney shore?

Native Wildlife Competition

July 7th, 2021||

Orkney Native Wildlife Project has come together with Orkney International Science Festival to challenge schools to put their creative hats on and pen to paper. But there’s a twist, you must use Orkney dialect within the piece. Taking inspiration from Robert Macfarlane’s project, The lost words, this year’s competition will celebrate some commonly used and ‘lost’ Orkney words. This is the challenge that has been set to schools across Orkney, and further afield!

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