Workshops & Activities 2024

Some events in the programme offer an opportunity to go deeper into a subject or indeed to go and see it at first hand.  Just days after the final closure of the world-famous excavations at the Ness of Brodgar, its director will lead a visit to the covered site to look at the wider landscape and give news from this year’s dig.

There’s an opportunity to sit round a table to seek solutions for questions with great potential. Is there a breakthrough use of AI of special value to island communities? How can we turn a worldwide shortage of software developers into a local opportunity? And you can hear directly a debate on how to tackle island energy poverty.

There are skills and insights as well – on developing a kitchen garden, and of growing herbs to heal and refresh; and also the healing role of music. There’s a 2000-year old computer, and postcards from 2121. There’s an opportunity to get closer to Orkney’s wave and tidal power developments, and insight into the challenge of sourcing key metals and material for the technology of the future; and the chance to spend a day turning sound into painting.

Lunches & Evenings 2024
OISF 2024 Exhibitions
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