Victoria Crowe: Touching the Surface

—the Orkney Paintings

31 August-9 November 2024

Pier Arts Centre, Stromness: Tues-Sat 1030-1700 Admission Free

Victoria Crowe made two trips to Orkney as part of her Royal Scottish Academy/Pier Arts Centre Residency award in 2022. She looked specifically at the contrasting light around the summer and winter solstice, the two most extreme periods of the celestial cycle. Her intention was to “explore the light on the land and its margins during the long twilights of the Orkney summer solstice, then return to experience the short days, long darkness and luminous skies of winter”.

Victoria Crowe is one of Scotland’s leading painters, known for her evocative landscapes and portraits of subjects including scientist Professor Peter Higgs, psychiatrist R.D. Laing and composer Thea Musgrave.

Occluded Sky and Headland, Orkney, 2023 © the artist
oil on panel, 82 x 61 cm

Low Winter Sun, Links House Window, 2023 © the artist
oil on panel, 96 x 76 cm


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