Art explores the deep time of geology in this new exhibition at the Pier Arts Centre. The rock cycle concept looks over long stretches of time at how rocks form and weather, with the debris gradually forming new rocks as the cycle goes round anew. We ourselves are a tiny part of great flows, with calcium carbonate, for instance, once expressed as ancient single-celled, calcite-rich Fusulina, then coral, and now our bones and teeth.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Japan and Scotland, developed by Glasgow-based artist Ilana Halperin with Oban-based curator Naoko Mabon.

There’s a special afternoon tour with the artists, along with a workshop, on Saturday 3 September. For this they will be joined by Orkney geologist Dr John Flett Brown. More about the rocks of Orkney can be found on the newly redeveloped Orkney Landscapes website which he has developed along with Dr Adrian Hall.

Photo credit © Michihiro Ota

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