Talks 2024

Living on the Moon, and finding out how gold is formed amongst the stars. The story of the Pentland Firth and its currents, and the lives of the fulmars on Eynhallow. The science of superheroes, and the superpowers of sea creatures. The power of music to help with health.

We’ll find out about lifeboat design and the stories of some journeys, and we’ll hear how Lord Kelvin, born 200 years ago, helped the laying of the transatlantic telegraph cable. We’ll hear how people around the world are coming up with environmental solutions – from expanding fish habitats in Japan to protecting coral reefs in Malaysia, from solar power in Africa to new marine energy horizons in Orkney; and also a tabletop-scale way to recycle ocean plastic.

We’ll hear how Kirkwall Town Council brought in mains electricity 100 years ago, and how the former Orkney County Council helped North Sea oil to flow 50 years later. We’ll hear of the people who brought hydro-electric schemes to the Highlands, and the Caithness fisherman’s son who loved physics and sought the source of a Highland river. We’ll hear of an Orkney writer who went deep into the nature of time itself.

You’ll see here the sheer range of the many subjects that we’ve been able to include, and remember that a LecturePass enable you to go to as many events as you want in the Phoenix Cinema and Orkney Theatre.

OISF 2024 Exhibitions
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