Out in the Pentland Firth tidestream, on the southern approaches to Scapa Flow, the island of Swona has seen many shipwrecks. It has been uninhabited for nearly fifty years, and the remaining cattle, now feral, are recognised as a distinct breed. Katy Firth of Stromness Museum has put together a virtual tour of Swona to guide you around the island through 360 degree photospheres, embedded with a wide range of multimedia content. You can turn each image round a full 360 degrees, to see the full range of views from your vantage point. You’ll experience the shores where seals breed and the stretches of wildflower meadow, and hear the stories of the people who lived there. You can go direct to the exhibition, and she is also going to provide online guidance as to how to make the best use of it.

For optimal display when viewing on your phone use this link:

Katy’s guidance will be on the morning of Sunday 5 September at 10.00 am in Set Fair for Swona, for which she will be joined by some of the people close to the island and its wildlife and history.

In association with Swona Heritage Foundation and Stromness Museum