2020 will be the Year of Coasts and Waters in Scotland and we will have various topics about the sea and islands.

We will look at the story of boat-building, and highlight new ideas about how the people of the Neolithic may have built the ships that linked Orkney to other parts of the ancient world, 5000 years ago.

We will find out how marine mammals communicate, and hear music inspired by the songs of seals and whales.

We will also hear music from the Nordic lands along the old Norse sea-routes, from Ireland to Iceland, Greenland and Faroe.

Shore outings and seaweed workshops will be part of the programme of events for the second Foraging Fortnight. There will be outings to Hoy, and Papay, and foraging walks from the Tomb of the Eagles and along the St Magnus Way.

We will also hear of the edible seaweed industry in the island of Traena, right on the Arctic Circle in the north of Norway.

There will be insights into traditional medicine, and workshops on tanning fish skins, and making paper from natural materials.

We will have news of horizons further still, with news of the continuing search for dark matter and dark energy, and music to suit the theme – a Symphony of Galaxies by a well-known Scottish composer.

Fuller details will follow soon.

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