Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022

We’ve a rich harvest of stories, among them the account of one of the great voyages, six men in an open boat through Antarctic seas on a rescue mission through blizzards, ice and mountainous waves. We will hear about the Orkney connections developed by one of them.

We will look north to the days of the Arctic whaling, and find out more about the design of the ships and the lives of the men who crewed then. We will learn too of a boat designed by an Orcadian naval architect to sail the Northwest Passage.

There is the story too of the Hudson’s Bay Company, and the Orcadians who worked for it, and an afternoon featuring the story of one of them, Dr John Rae.

We will go deep into the past, with stories of the rocks, and stories of transformation in legend, and ahead to the future with a range of scenarios. We’ll hear about scenarios from science fiction, and also about the new field of Transition Engineering, which develops systems and methods to plan practical route maps to a better future.

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