Transformed by Sunlight

Exhibition: Orkney Library, Junction Road, Kirkwall

Opening hours: Mon–Thurs 10 am–6 pm, Fri–Sat 10 am–5 pm

“The dominating influence of the Orkney landscape is light, and brilliance is characteristic of it,” wrote Eric Linklater.

And Admiral Ludvig von Reuter, confined with his ships to Scapa Flow in the months after World War I, wrote of the gloomy desolate days with nothing to see but water and hills, but yet there was the light, sometimes the sunsets.

“It was during a May evening, the sun sank to the horizon at a late hour, and all the colour of which it seemed possessed was poured over the evening sky; the spectacle was overpowering and enchanting.”

It’s something noticed by Orcadians and visitors alike – the wonderful way in which the sun can break through out of a mist Orkney sky and simply transform a dull landscape into a rich world of light and colour.

And the challenge for members of Orkney Camera Club this year is to capture this quality in a photograph – with the theme ‘Transformed by Sunlight’.

After last year’s images of ‘Bringing the Light Back’, the photographers – spread across Orkney – will this year switch attention from the light itself to its impact on the land, sea, buildings, flora and fauna – wherever and whenever they come across an image.

Photography © Steve Henderson

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