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We’re thrilled to offer again a variety of online sessions for this year’s School’s programme. Please complete the following booking form: Alternatively, please email your enquiries with the following information to and a member of staff will be in touch:

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STEM Story sessions by STEM Ambassadors in Scotland

Suitable for: Nursery – P5

Available to book: Thursday 7th and Tuesday 12th September

Join STEM Ambassadors from Scotland, who will offer 2 online book readings for early years and primary aged pupils linked to the festival themes and will also talk about their STEM career linked to the story.

Climate Change and our Oceans by Macduff Marine Aquarium

Suitable for: P5-7

Available to book: Tuesday 12th September at 9.30am

The oceans and their habitats are some of our best defences in the fight against climate change. Join Macduff Marine Aquarium to discover how climate change is affecting our oceans, how marine habitats help us and what we can do to combat the climate crisis.

Our Amazing World of Plants by Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Suitable for: P4-7

Available to book: Thursday 7th – Wednesday 13th September

Description: Join the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh for a fun, interactive session exploring the importance of plants to people and the planet. Learn why more than a third of all plants are at risk of extinction and what we can do to act against biodiversity loss. Participants will discover some of the unique plants the RBGE looks after and get a behind-the-scenes look at our ever-growing collection. We look forward to inspiring your pupils to take action and care for our amazing world of plants!

This learning programme is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund – it is part of the wider Edinburgh Biomes glasshouse refurbishment plans to protect the Garden’s plant collections.

Science in the Real-World Quiz by Dr. Kevin Parker

Suitable for: P6 upwards

Available to book: Thursday 7th – Wednesday 13th September

Dr. Parker is an ex Industrial Chemist who has worked to developed a number of Context and Problem-based Learning resources for the RSC Learn Chemistry Portal working with Teaching Fellows at several UK Universities. He has designed a Quiz about how science impacts the World around us. There are versions aimed both at School-age pupils (either Primary or Secondary). The aim is to get participants to understand how science, and especially chemistry, underpins much of our technological society, and how important it will be in the major issues of the 21st Century (e.g. energy, food security, medicine, and climate change).

The quiz is in ‘pub quiz’ format with teams of around 4. I have up to 25 questions in rounds of 5 questions each. A 10 question quiz fits into 1 school period 45-50 minutes, but the quiz can be shortened or lengthened to suit.

Marine Mammal Science by Ashleigh Kitchner

Suitable for: P5 upwards

Available to book: Thursday 7th – Wednesday 13th September

Explore the marine mammals in Orkney! Learn how important and fascinating these animals are and how Orkney is a hotspot for some species. Watch this pre-recorded video and book a live Q+A sessions with Ashleigh after the festival.

Careers in Science and beyond by Dr. Kevin Parker

Suitable for: P6-7, S1 upwards

Available to book: Thursday 7th – Wednesday 13th September

Kevin started his career with a bang by blowing up a laboratory at the University of Cambridge. Some 40 years later, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), and runs a training and consultancy company helping start-up companies and individuals achieve their promise. In this session Dr. Parker will discuss:

  1. a) his career, and the various jobs he has had, discussing both the scientific and interpersonal skills required. Each one of these jobs, that he may have done for a short time or for a consultancy assignment, can be a long-term career for others.
  2. b) How he has survived working from home for the last 25 years managing to stay both sane and solvent for nearly all of that time, and will share some thoughts on how to manage in the current situation.
  3. c) the findings of his, and other work, around employability skills desired by companies, NGO’s & think-tanks, government, and by those appointing to senior academic positions.

Careers in marine biology, from Orkney and beyond! by Ashleigh Kitchner

Suitable for: S1 upwards

Available to book: Thursday 7th – Wednesday 13th September

Ashleigh is a Senior Marine Mammal Consultant and has worked with a number of organisations worldwide. She understands the up-and-coming jobs in the sector. If you want to work in the marine sector but are unsure how and what to do, this talk is for you! Ashleigh will guide you through many different STEM careers in the marine world.

Watch this pre-recorded video and book a live Q+A sessions with Ashleigh after the festival.

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