About OISF Festival 2013

Exploration was to the fore in 2013, the bicentenary of the birth of the great Arctic explorer John Rae. The Festival was opened by the widely-travelled documentary film-maker Alan Ereira, who showed his new film, made with Kogi people of Colombia, opening up a dialogue with western science.

The Festival opened with a glimpse into the life of Greenland’s ice giants, with Dr Richard Bates describing his travels by kayak, out at sea or paddling along an ice-melt river.

The following day he was joined by other researchers in the study of the lost world of Doggerland, now buried beneath the sediments of the North Sea.

Topics ranged from the mathematics of knots to the physics of the organ pipe, from the study of solitary waves to news of the latest wave and tidal power devices.

What kind of land was out there? What did it look like? Was it wetland or canopy forest? That would have dictated what the people would use the land for.

Dr Richard Bates

Filmmaker and film from lost city to open this year’s festival

Filmmaker and film from lost city to open this year’s festival One of Britain’s leading documentary filmmakers is to open this year’s Orkney International Science Festival – bringing with him a remarkable new film in which people from a lost city in South America open up