About OISF Festival 2009

From bees to biofuels, with the science of sandcastles and the taste of sea buckthorn, the 2009 Festival was opened by Highlands and Islands Enterprise chairman William Roe.

For a look back to 2009, you can download the programme here.


A Scottish Homecoming event ‘For A’ That’ celebrated the Robert Burns anniversary with stories and images from Australia and the sound of the pipes resonating through St Magnus Cathedral.

This would be a programme regarded as exceptional in some of the largest cities of the world, let alone a group of islands. What I find so exciting about Orkney is the combination of history and new technology. Orkney is demonstrating that using science and technology together, people can build great futures.

William Roe

The Road to Stromness Pier 2009

Margaret had no family links to Stromness, but developed a strong association with Orkney when she visited in the 1950s. She was born in Berlin in 1904 and, when ten years later the First World War broke out, her family moved to Britain. She was at an age to be very strongly affected by the war, and the experiences of the war probably part-prompted her to become involved in pacifist movements in later life.