About OISF Festival 2008

The founder of Barefoot College, Bunker Roy, described how technology could empower the poorest people to help themselves, and geneticist Sir Walter Bodmer spoke on new insights on DNA and history. The Festival was opened by the Scottish Government’s chief scientific adviser, Prof. Anne Glover.

It was the 850th anniversary of the founder of St Magnus Cathedral, Earl Rognvald, and the 450th anniversary one of its most outstanding bishops, Robert Reid, and an opportunity to commemorate the lives of both men and their contribution to knowledge.

For a look back to 2008, you can download the programme here. You can see some photographs from events here and go to the video channel here.

We had a good time and every one of the children’s faces was filled with joy and wonder. We tend to lose that as we get older. A science festival such as the one you have here is a brilliant way to engage with scientists and rediscover the wonder. For Scotland, the future’s sustainable economy is going to be utterly dependent on science, engineering and technology.

Prof. Anne Glover