The amazing discovery of gravitational waves will be to the fore in this year’s programme – along with dark matter, the Northern Lights, Antarctic exploration, dolphin communication, early humans, plus the story of the start of the herring industry.

There are stories of searching into the past – probing beneath the sea bed and the soil around Stonehenge for clues to ancient societies. There are stories of courage in the face of some of the worst weather in the world, and Shackleton’s journey to South Georgia to rescue his crew, a century ago.

There will be tidal power and hydrogen fuel cells, better broadband and cheaper ways to heat houses, the glories of the Arctic aurora and the story of an Orcadian who set standards for the cinema.

You can hear how a cathedral was built and how to make the world’s best pot of porridge, the science of bubbles and the physics of golf – and see the colour and vitality of upcycled fashion design, with 3D-printed accessories created out of waste plastic.

The full programme will appear on this site by the end of June, with tickets on sale in early July.

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