Family Events 2023

The Family Day on Saturday 9 September is so packed with events that it’s a challenge to try to list them all – but we’re going to try!

We’ll be posting up details here, including the planetarium that Dynamic Earth are bringing, the marine activities from the Scottish Seabird Centre, the energy activities from Glasgow Science Centre along with a mix of leading renewable energy companies.

There’s computer coding, astronomy, lasers, and more activities are coming –

we’ll be back soon with more details!


September 7 → 7:30 pm8:30 pm

… and meet a wizard, four cowboys, and a show that’s come direct from the Royal Institution in London. Dr Steven ‘Jake’ Jacobs, aka Wizard IV, former chief scientist for the Discovery Channel, has brought the four members of the legendary country group Riders in the Sky to help him tell stories of science. It may be about lighting a campfire in his home state of Kansas, or blowing up a balloon in an Orkney school on his latest visit, but it’s the simple things that show up science best, he says.


September 9 → 10:00 am4:00 pm

Details to come

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