The Year of Coasts and Waters has provided a wonderful theme for us, and this year’s exhibition have the currents of wave and tide flowing through them.

The online format has opened up new possibilities. In his 80th birthday year, the North Ronaldsay artist Ian Scott has a complete retrospective exhibition, of paintings, sculptures, drawings and work from art college days.

There is an opportunity to visit the island of Graemsay in panoramic 360-degree views, with photospheres from the artist Katy Firth. She sails across from Stromness, with views of the harbour, to Graemsay with its lighthouses and roadsides full of wildflowers.

Orkney Camera Club’s exhibition for this year is Orkney Coastal Waters, from the Hamnavoe beating into the force of the weather in Hoy Sound to a tranquil sunset over Scapa Flow. There are Shapinsay’s cliffs and Sanday’s shores, a seal mother and pup, a redshank and an oystercatcher, and a black guillemot at Eynhallow.


September 3, 2020September 9, 2020

Orkney Camera Club respond each year to the Festival theme, and this year had an even bigger challenge – to do so online; and they have responded in splendid style. Their exhibition Orkney’s Coastal Waters is a delight, as you can see by going to it on the Artsteps site.


September 3, 2020September 9, 2020

Katy Firth in association with Stromness Museum has put together an exhibition of 360 degree photospheres of a visit to the island. With each of the images, you can turn it round a full 360 degrees, to see the full range of views from your vantage point. You can go direct to the exhibition, and she is also going to provide online guidance as to how to make the best use of it.

Sea-shapes and rock-forms: an Ian Scott retrospective

September 3, 2020September 9, 2020

The exhibition ‘Ian Scott – a retrospective’ can be seen online at the Artsteps site. Online exhibitions use a lot of computer memory, so it is best to make sure first that all other applications are shut down, and it can take a little time to load. To start with, just clicking on an image is the simplest way around, moving from each one to its neighbour, and then furthermore possibilities can be found.

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