Competitions 2022

Calling all Molecule Hunters! The Hunt is back this year, in actual or virtual format. You can go to the shop window or you can go online.

And if you’d like to try making a model wind turbine, this is the time to do so. It’s part of the Blyth Challenge, and we have information about the Challenge, and about Blyth as well

There’s a writing competition too. We have full details of the various competitions in this section.

Writing Competition

Celebrating Scotland’s Year of Stories at the Orkney International Science Festival, with The George Mackay Brown Fellowship Wirdsmit writing group and the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) – guest judge Ken MacLeod. To celebrate Scotland’s Year of Stories we are using the power of creativity to imagine the future, and with a little help from the renewable energy experts at EMEC, we’re launching an exciting science fiction creative writing competition.

Build a model wind turbine!

It’s a challenge for schools, primary and secondary: to design and build a model wind turbine. There’s various sources of help, including a resource kit available for each school, provided by Orkney sponsors. The Challenge has been developed by the Young Engineers and Science Clubs Scotland (YESC), in a collaboration with Orkney Renewable Energy Forum (OREF) and Orkney International Science Festival.

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