Competition: Warm Orkney

STEM Challenge and Competition

What’s the best way to keep your hot water tank warm? That’s the theme of a new competition for schools this year, with sections for primaries and secondaries.

It’s been developed by Dave Craig of the Young Engineers and Science Clubs Scotland, who has put together detailed worksheets for what to do, with a warm water container and insulation, and there is also a role for a heat battery and for using a micro:bit to collect temperature readings.

A micro:bit is a tiny, pocket-sized computer, created by the BBC as a modern development from the early BBC Micro computer of the 1980s which was designed to help people learn about computing.

You can download from here (1) a PowerPoint presentation about the competition, a complete information pack, (3) worksheets to report results, (4) information about using a micro:bit to collect temperature readings.

Teams of up to 5 pupils can enter, and teachers should send results to Dave Craig at before the end of term: Tuesday 2 July 2024.

Dave says: “A good report is brief, well-presented, and accurate with numbers. Use diagrams, sketches and photographs. It can be handwritten or typed – or use spreadsheets. And if you use a micro:bit, include your code.”

There are £60/£30 prizes for best reports (primary and secondary), kindly donated by Steven R. Paterson Ltd and Warmworks.

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