Celestial Odyssey

From 7 September until 13 September

Start your journey at St Magnus Cathedral

Join us on the Orkney Celestial Odyssey during this year’s Science Festival! It’s a Solar System Journey through Neolithic Skies – and an opportunity to explore the landscape below.

It starts from the Sun in St Magnus Cathedral. The planets of the Solar System are laid out across Kirkwall, in proportion to the size of the Sun, with Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, in the Cathedral itself.  After seeing the Sun, with its seeething fiery surface, the next step is to find Mercury. And when you do you will be able to discover more about the planet in its hot bright position – and also to find the clue for the next planet.

Outside the Cathedral, going outwards across Kirkwall, are Venus, Mars, and all the various planets of the Solar System. Each planetary location is in a well-known shop or venue, with a letter of the alphabet there for you to collect, starting with the Sun and Mercury. When you have gathered up all the letters, you arrange them to form three words – and complete the entry form.

You can download full details from here.

Take part by Wednesday 13th Sept 2023 for a chance to win some excellent prizes! The prizes include:

Submit your answer by filling out the form. Alternatively, you can scan this QR code to submit your entry!

As you go through your celestial journey, we would love to see where you have been, so please feel free to tag us on social media and we will share it with our network.

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The Sun in the Cathedral


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