Around the Islands

Exhibition of photographs of the outer isles of Orkney

by Orkney Camera Club

Orkney Camera Club have taken the theme of Islands for this year’s Festival, with images from across the islands, with images exploring island landscapes, histories, way of life and wildlife.

There are scenes from Swona and from Flotta, lighthouses from Cantick Head to North Ronaldsay with seabirds circling it, beaches from Rackwick’s golden sand to dunes at Tresness and Cata Sound in Sanday.

You can see the Martello Tower in Longhope from the Napoleonic Wars and Flotta’s WWII Stanger Head, Graemsay’s community hall and Eday’s London airport, snow on Hoy and sunset on Stronsay airport.

There are gannets and fulmars, puffins with a fine catch of sand eels, Eynhallow’s ruined monastery and Egilsay’s St Magnus Kirk, wash day on Papay and the bluebells in the woods of Trumland House in Rousay.

The Camera Club have brought together a wealth of scenes for a journey around Orkney’s islands.

The exhibition Around the Islands can be also viewed on the Artsteps site

To start, just click on the play button (Start the guided tour). This is the simplest way around, moving from each one to its neighbour, and then as you become more at home with the system you will find some of its varied possibilities.

And to be able to sit at home, and take time with each image and go back to it, does add to the enjoyment, and it is an opportunity to see so much of Orkney.