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The Sun in the Cathedral

By |November 24th, 2023|

The imagery comes from NASA spacecraft, with two week’s film speeded up into a 12-minute sequence to bring light and movement together. The Sun itself was created through the combined efforts of artist Alex Rinsler and solar physicist Professor Robert Walsh. The visit was made possible by immense support from many people and organisations and funders, and close collaboration between the Cathedral staff and the Sun team. The Sun fitted so wonderfully into the building that has often been called ‘The Light in the North’.

Celestial Odyssey

By |September 3rd, 2023|Categories: |Tags: |

And we have a new and unusual competition! It’s to travel on a celestial odyssey, travelling outwards from the Sun to the planets of the Solar System, one by one. You start with the Sun in St Magnus Cathedral, and then look for Mercury, Venus and so on. Each planet is hosted by a well-known local business, with each location having clues to the next one.

‘Restless Natives’ – New Wildlife Photography category for U16’s!

By |July 12th, 2023|Categories: |Tags: |

Category: Best image of a native species currently under threat by the non-native, invasive stoat.Deadline: Monday 28th August at 12 noon.Facilitated and judged by the Orkney Native Wildlife Project Prize of Open Return for 4 People + 1 Vehicle on the Hamnavoe Ferry, Northlink. Prizes


By |June 3rd, 2023|Categories: |Tags: |

An explosion of forms takes over the Ship of Fools - ocean ecosystems in origami and crochet by Neil Banas and Emily Doolittle, paired with paintings by Michelle Campbell, and ocean trash transformed to wearable art by Selena S Kuzman. Orkney artists join in, with work by Bill McArthur, Maiwenn Beadle, Rebecca Marr, Megumi Barrington Uenoyama, Lesley Mackay, Marion Yorston. Work inspired by Orkney tales meets magical ships in bottles from Len Wilson and Fiona Sanderson.

The Growth of New Ideas – The Legacy of D’Arcy Thompson in Modern and Contemporary Art

By |June 3rd, 2023|Categories: |Tags: |

A new exhibition showing the remarkable impact on a range of artists, among them the scuptors Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, of a remarkable book by a remarkable man. D'Arcy Thompson's On Growth and Form, published in 1917, looked at the underlying mathematics of forms in nature.

Transformed by Sunlight

By |June 3rd, 2023|Categories: |Tags: |

After last year’s images of ‘Bringing the Light Back’, the photographers – spread across Orkney – will this year switch attention from the light itself to its impact on the land, sea, buildings, flora and fauna – wherever and whenever they come across an image. The exhibition will as usual be held in the Orkney Library, Junction Road, Kirkwall.

The Sun

By |June 2nd, 2023|Categories: |Tags: |

It’s a spectacular sight, created from time-lapse photography from space of the surface of the actual sun with its seething fires, projected onto a 6-metre-diameter sphere suspended from the Cathedral’s crossing, so that you can follow the dramatic changes on the solar surface.

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