Tickets 2023

Tickets for the 2023 Festival will be on sale from Saturday 15 July at 12 noon.

We’ve worked to keep prices reasonable, and sometimes even low. With capacity limited for a number of events we’re expecting a good demand, and so we recommend booking as soon as you can.

Here is the LINK to access the ticket system.

You can also go direct to any of the individual days which will be listed below.

Tickets will also be on sale at the Tourist Office in Kirkwall.

How to use the ticketing system

Here is the LINK to access the ticket system.

When you click on the LINK TO THE TICKETING SYSTEM, you see a calendar of days and at the top of the page a heading – you use this heading to choose a particular day.

When you choose the day from the menu on the heading, you’ll see that the day is highlighted in blue on the calendar itself. You click in the centre of the blue box to go direct to the list of events for that day.

Once you’re on the day, you then choose an event. After you’ve booked it, the system gives you the option to go on to tickets for further events, or else to move on to the payment section.

After you’ve paid, you’ll get an email listing the events you’ve booked – this is your ticket, for printing out. You will also receive a second email, acknowledging your payment.

As well as buying tickets for individual events, there is the additional option of buying a LecturePass. This covers admission to a range of events, and there are fuller details below. If you choose this option, you will see that the date of Wednesday 13 September is highlighted in blue on the calendar grid, and when you click on the blue you are taken this time to the LecturePasses.

Going direct to the days

You can go direct to individual days through the links below.

The LecturePass system

In addition to the various tickets which are sold for individual events, there is also a LecturePass. This is a block ticket which for only £55 (or £48 with concessions), provides admission to all the £6 & £4 events. It’s really good value, as it gives admission to a total of 38 events.

The events covered by the LecturePass are just about all at the bigger venues of the Phoenix Cinema and the Orkney Theatre, so that we have some spare capacity if we need it. Just to make sure, though, we encourage LecturePass holders to come along in good time to make sure that they get a good seat, and certainly you need to be there at least 15 minutes before the start time to make sure of a place.

Events covered by the LecturePass

Thursday 7 September
  • Moving into More Blue Water
  • Power from the Sea Wind
  • A New Day for the Ferryman?
  • Imagineering Opportunities
  • Rebuilding the Soil: an Engineer’s Perspective
  • Jake’s Midnight Science Club – Bring the Family!
  • But Oh! the Stars with Music Shine
Friday 8 September
  • 100 Million Degrees and Rising
  • Fixing Fever Screening for Our Future’s Sake
  • An Ancient Greek Computer
  • Food from the Sea: Fish Tails and Trimmings and Seaweed
  • Fashionably Digital – Computers and Clothes
  • The Doc. the Marshal and the Great Year of Light
Saturday 9 September
  • Wild Isles Lenses
  • The Science of the Sun
  • Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights
  • The Man Who Linked the Northern Lights
  • From Boo to Starn: a Boat Building Journey with John Leslie
  • Unearthing a Mammoth Graveyard
Sunday 10 September

None of today’s events are covered by the LecturePass

Monday 11 September
  • An Explosion of Forms: Art, Origami and Ocean
  • Ecosystems
  • Ice Over Orkney
  • Dancing with Mathematics
  • Following the Fletts
  • Blown Away from Costa
  • The Thorfinn and the Hurricane
Tuesday 12 September
  • Cracking Concrete, Growing Carrots, Suinking Carbon
  • The Microalgal Miracle
  • A Virus in Our Genes
  • Fantastic Light – Incredible Industries
  • Papay Doondies
  • The Lost Flock of St Kilda
Wednesday 13 September
  • Make It with Oats, and Try It with Bere
  • The Place I Think of as Home
  • Stromness in the Days of Sail
  • From Boo to Starn: A Boat Building Journey with John Leslie
  • Solo to the South Pole
  • Keeping Going – in Life and Sport



LecturePass with concessions




The format for Concessions

We give reductions in the form of concessions to various categories of people, older or younger or affected by disability or unemployment. It is very difficult to cover all types of situation and we always like to be flexible enough to apply common sense. Our main aim with concessionary rates is to make it possible for people to come to events which they might otherwise not have been able to attend.

We have a policy of keeping our ticket prices low. The reason is that we have a very full and varied programme and we want to encourage people to try out events that they might not always be absolutely sure about in advance. We feel that part of the enjoyment of a festival is the opportunity to try out something new.

If there is any information that you would like at any time, just let us know. We’re always glad to hear from you and assist in any way. Our email is

We are very fortunate in our ticketing system, which has really transformed our whole ticketing operation.

Our ticketing system

Our ticketing system comes from e-availability, an Inverness-based company which supplies online systems for many situations throughout the UK – for example for booking holiday cottages, B&Bs, doctors’ appointments, and airline cabin crew accommodation. Indeed it’s e-availability’s booking system that’s involved in a radical new initiative in GP accessibility – ‘Doctors InStore‘ – that has been pioneered in Manchester, whereby GPs are available in the local Sainsbury’s superstore for appointments in the evenings and weekends. The scheme has been so successful that Sainsbury’s are now planning a rapid expansion of in-store GP surgeries, which they will offer rent-free to local medical practices.

The systems produced by e-availability extend all over the UK and the company’s portfolio now includes names like Hamleys, IPC Media and sportscotland. A sister company Lanetech develops and designs websites, especially for the tourism sector

We looked around carefully before making a choice, and have found that this system gives us a whole range of additional options which assist in many ways.

Terms and conditions

All tickets booked at Orkney International Science Festival are subject to standard terms and conditions. When purchasing tickets you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

1. Privacy Policy: Orkney Science Festival Limited do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties.

2. Delivery Policy: Tickets are downloaded direct by the purchaser from this site or sold direct at the Kirkwall and Stromness Tourist Offices.

3. Refund / Cancellation Policy: We regret that tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase. While every effort is made to ensure that all the events in the programme run successfully, we reserve the right to alter, amend or cancel any of them without prior notice due to exceptional circumstances which may be out of our control. In such instances ticket holders will be offered a refund. Admission to events covered by LecturePasses can only be guaranteed if LecturePass holders arrive at least 15 minutes before the advertised start.

4. Event Management: The use of photographic equipment and video cameras is prohibited during events in the Festival programme unless permission is given by the Festival in advance. Mobile phones must be switched off during the event.

5. Contact us: Our email is, our postal address Orkney Science Festival, 3 Crantit Park, Kirkwall, Orkney KW15 1SJ, and our phone 01343 540844.



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