Programme 2023

You can do many things in the seven days of the Festival. There are talks on the future, and new ideas in energy and transport in medicine; talks on the past, with stories of discovery and adventure; workshops on AI and robotics and finding the night sky over Maeshowe 5,000 years ago; and walks to explore ancient landscapes.

You can enjoy a Cathedral concert blending electronic music with voices and instruments, or hear a legendary western group in concert and in a science show. You can enjoy insights into art and mathematics in a harbourfront setting. You can see spectacular images of the aurora in Arctic skies.

There are lunches of Orkney food, a pipe band on parade, time to reflect in a cathedral or on a beach with the wind and the waves.

There is the story of the time when the ice was a kilometre thick over Orkney and the clues that still survive in boulder clay. And there is the story of the fiery power of the Sun, with the presence of an amazing installation in St Magnus Cathedral as a dynamic centrepiece to a rich and varied programme for this year.

The Sun

It’s a spectacular sight, created from time-lapse photography from space of the surface of the actual sun with its seething fires, projected onto a 6-metre-diameter sphere suspended from the Cathedral’s crossing, so that you can follow the dramatic changes on the solar surface.

Talks 2023

Microalgae turning waste into food or pharmaceuticals. Tools of light. An ancient Greek computer with mechanical gears. Tracking Ice Age rock movements. Unearthing a mammoth graveyard. A lost flock, a hydrogen ship – and the energy of the Sun!

Music 2023

The Western music legends Riders in the Sky. The astronomy-inspired works of the Scottish composer Eddie McGuire. A Cathedral concert of ethereal electronic music blended with voices, instruments and organ. The violin virtuoso Charlotte Rowan in concert.

Workshops 2023

See robots in action. Learn how to access AI on your PC. See the skills of violin making and hear the resulting sound from a virtuoso. Look at the night sky seen by Maeshowe’s builders. Learn about wild life photography, Slovenian archaeology, and the art of wind and wave!

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