OISF 2022 Avoiding Covid

Although all Covid rules have now been lifted in Scotland, the virus has not gone away, and we’ve reshaped the Festival format to assist with your health and safety.

There are now no more than two events in any one venue on any day, and often just one. Many events are outdoors, and a number are also online.

We strongly recommend everyone to follow Scottish Government guidance, namely:

If you test positive or feel symptoms, you should stay at home and avoid contact with other people and crowded places for five days. Just let us know that you won’t be able to come, and we will give you a full refund on your tickets. And although you’ll miss some events, you’ll still be able to access the free online part of our programme.

In any indoor place, it’s worth thinking about others, and allowing them sufficient space, so that you and they can relax. And although the festival is often a time for meeting up with old friends and making new ones, physical contact such as handshaking is something that you might want to find an alternative to.

One way to avoid queues is to book in advance, which has so many advantages that we strongly recommend it. Another way to avoid queues is to buy a LecturePass which covers admission to all £5 & £3 talks for a single payment, and then you can simply wave the pass and go straight in.

If travelling to Orkney, it is important to be aware of the requirements of the travel operators – NorthLink Ferries, Pentland Ferries and Loganair who in response to the situation have made changes in their Conditions of Carriage which set out additional flexibility to change tickets or obtain refunds; mandate the wearing of face coverings on Loganair flights unless you have a medical exemption; and require travellers on international flights to ensure that they have taken all necessary steps to ensure access to their destination.

We’ll keep this section updated, and if you have any queries on any aspects of health and safety, you can contact us at orkneyscience@gmail.com or phone 01343 540844.

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