Filmed Events

In addition to our current online development, we also in earlier years filmed occasional special events, sometimes as highlights and sometimes complete, and you can hear and see some of them here.

Ian Drever looks back at the childhood of his brother Ron who played such a big role in the development of equipment to detect gravitational waves. The story is told of the remarkable role of a Stromness man in the communications at the Battle of Alamein. We pay tribute with a lecture on medicinal plants to the work of the late Mary Beith in Sutherland.

There are highlights of an exhibition on the lost world of Doggerland, and Jane Goodall speaking in St Magnus Cathedral in the 2012 Festival on Reasons for Hope.

We have a Green and Medieval Afternoon at the Earl’s Palace in Kirkwall, highlights of a chemistry show in the Town Hall, and a special event in the Cathedral on a Burns theme, bringing together conservation, wildlife and music.