thumb_owl_3_largeAfter a milder than usual Scottish winter, you might want to take a first-hand look at the North Pole this spring. The NOAA site will shortly be in action again, giving you webcam pictures plus videos of spring melt and autumn freeze, and also whale sounds.

Spaceport Scotland has news of developments in space in Scotland, and highlights the potential opportunities.

The Young Engineers and Science Clubs Scotland do great things. They build working models – for example a scale model racing car, made of balsa wood and powered by pressurised carbon dioxide canisters. They enter competitions – such as the Greenpower Challenge to design, construct and race an electric car. And the activities can use simple materials and the various skills can be gradually acquired as the projects take shape, so that everyone can be involved. Pierowall Junior High School in Westray are previous winners of the Highland and Islands Young Engineers Club of the Year, using scrap or recycled equipment to build wind turbines, driveable buggies and more.

The Association for Science and Discovery Centres represents some of the liveliest places for an interesting and enjoyable visit. There are around a hundred of them. About half are science centres, and the other half are discovery centres in museums, botanic gardens, aquariums and zoos. Their website provides links to the various centres themselves and descriptions of the varied activities that they do.

With visitor numbers around the world now over 2 million, the award-winning 1001 Inventions exhibition is continuing on its way, with the National Geographic Museum in Washington DC its next venues. You can get a video introduction in various ways, and items from its online shop. National Geographic have published a new edition of the associated book, 1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World.