September 5, 2021 → 10:30 am11:30 am

It’s a way of recycling your own household and garden waste into some of the finest fertiliser and soil conditioner for your plants. The work is carried out by many, organisms and out of it comes something rich and alive – a mix of nutrients, bacteria and fungi mycelia. But how to incorporate all the various ingredients, from grass cuttings to food waste, and get a good balance from them? Elizabeth Woodcock, an RHS horticulturalist with training in regenerative agriculture and permaculture, and a garden organic master composter, outlines the golden rules of home composting and explains how to do it and what to use. There will be time for questions and discussion as well. Numbers limited, booking essential.

There’s more background in Elizabeth’s feature ‘Black Gold’ in our online magazine, Frontiers.

“Compost feeds the soil with vital nutrients your plants take out. Dock’s long root gathers nutrients from the bedrock to deposit on the surface as it breaks down. Nettle particularly has much goodness, which it accumulates in its leaves and stem, most potent just before it flowers. These vital nutrients include calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulphur, magnesium, cobalt and silicon. Dandelion, chickweed, mallow and meadowsweet are all wonderful additives to your compost.”

Numbers are limited to 15, and booking is essential. Here is the booking link. 

The Festival ticket system is kindly provided by e-availability, Forres and Inverness.


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