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A professional ice hockey player turned mountaineer and photographer – Tristan Cameron-Harper’s love of the outdoors is bringing him north for Foraging Fortnight. He’ll be travelling over the Cairngorms, past the broch of Carn Luath, by the harbour and river of Dunbeath and on to Orkney, and sending stories and images along the way. He describes in conversation the call of the outdoors. “Not everyone is aware how easy it is to explore some of the most beautiful places in the world, especially Scotland,” he says.

“I want to show people how accessible it is for them to experience this beauty that they believed would be impossible to see, and if they are unable to experience it in person, then they can at least do so via my photography.”

You can watch this free event from here, or if you’d like to join questions and discussion, you can also go direct to it in the Science Festival’s YouTube channel

Scenes of Highland mountains from Tristan Cameron-Harper on his journey north.

It starts with the view from above of the Wolf of Badenoch’s castle, surrounded by the waters of Lochindorb, and then moves over Culloden Viaduct and Clava Cairns, on to the Iron Age broch of Carn Luath, and Caithness with the Hill o’ Many Stanes and Girnigoe Castle. Tristan Cameron-Harper’s drone shows spectacular views.

Tristan Cameron-Harper has reached his destination, and travels around Orkney with his drone seeking out views over archaeological sites like the Broch of Gurness, and down to sea-cliffs and breaking waves and Rackwick Bay.

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