September 4, 2021 → 2:00 pm2:20 pm

Calling all small residents of Planet Earth, and their parents, and grandparents too – Mr Boom is back! His spaceship is on its way to make a landing for a Science Festival singalong.

“I’m a children’s one-man band, and I live up here on the moon in my imagination!”

Mr Boom first arrived on Planet Earth to compere the children’s hour at Edinburgh’s Princes St Gardens in summer 1984. 30 years later in summer 2014 he was asked by The Edinburgh International Festival Fireworks promotional team to play a section of The 1812 Overture – yes really, and you can see a short excerpt from it here!

“My name is Mr Boom, and I come from the Moon,
I came here in a spaceship that went whee – whee – zoom …”

You can watch this free event from here, through the YouTube link, or you can also go to the Science Festival’s YouTube channel

After you’ve sung along with Mr Boom, if you want to sit down and reflect, or indeed if an older member of the family wants to come along and sit down with you and reflect as well, then here we are! He’s going to reflect about the universe, and what a point is, and about thinking about infinity, and about the shapes of the polyhedra – and about how about you can travel on a journey to things large and small – all it needs is Imagination.


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