September 10 → 7:30 pm8:30 pm

St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall

Nordic Viola and Faroese ensemble Aldubáran capture the strangeness, wonder and melancholy of Norse legends in a performance of music, film and specially commissioned art. Music by Faroese, Scottish and Irish composers is accompanied on screen by video curated by Craig Sinclair and abstract art painted by Orla Stevens, “an artist who works from a deeply embedded sense of place.”

Faroese composer Eli Tausen á Lava draws on legends of the selkies common to the Faroes, Scotland, Iceland and beyond, whilst award-winning Irish composer Linda Buckley’s Aud draws on the Icelandic sagas, tracing the journey of Aud from Ireland via Orkney and Faroe to Iceland. Lillie Harris’s Elsewhen seeks to capture the strangeness, wonder, and melancholy of Orkney’s ancient sites, whilst in Carry His Relics, Orkney composer Gemma McGregor describes a journey along the St Magnus Way. The essence of the sea is depicted in Faroese composer Kári Bæk’s Wogen.

Nordic Viola’s Sagas and Seascapes was commissioned for Orkney International Science Festival’s online programme in 2021. It was selected for the Made In Scotland Showcase and performed live with film for the first time in the Scottish Storytelling Centre as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2022. It was taken on tour in Faroe by Nordic Viola in 2023 alongside the Faroese contemporary music group Aldubáran, celebrating the many musical and cultural connections between Scotland and Faroe, and now the two ensembles are able to combine with each other in the Cathedral in Kirkwall.

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