September 6, 2021 → 12:45 pm1:15 pm

… where we’ll hear today about a way to make electric vehicles more efficient – putting motors in the wheels. It avoids the need for the whole transmission system and makes for a lighter vehicle with better road-holding. We’re joined by the founders of the pioneering Slovenian company Elaphe that developed the concept, physicists Gorazd Lampič and Andrej Detela.

We’ll also be travelling to Galloway and the house of Glenlair, where the great physicist James Clerk Maxwell developed his electromagnetic theory of light in a setting of field and woodland, with the river running by. For many years it’s been the family home of Captain Duncan Ferguson who will take us on a panoramic tour of the grounds. For this there’s a separate link below.

Prof. Tom Stevenson will answer questions from his earlier presentation today on Maxwell’s life and work.

And Eric Walker will be along with advice on what to look out for in the night sky this evening.

Our lunchtime menu today features fresh rolls with slices of smoked salmon with smoked garlic aioli, shredded lettuce and sliced tomato. For further ideas, see our leaflet of Peedie Kirk lunch recipes, and our booklet about foraging food options too.

You can watch this free event from here, through the YouTube link below, or if you’d like to join questions and discussion, you can also go to the Science Festival’s YouTube channel

Our visit to the house and grounds of Glenlair, where James Clerk Maxwell lived for most of his life, is through the YouTube link below.


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