September 1 → 11:30 am12:30 pm
Phoenix Cinema, Pickaquoy, Kirkwall

The Grimond Lecture

We’ve emerged from two years of lockdowns into a world of massively rising energy prices and warnings of food shortages, exacerbated by climate change and war. The real limits to business as usual are becoming harder to ignore. Is there any way to shift from our current self-destructive path to instead a stable environment and a balanced economy, and even a vision of a world with work and housing for everyone?

Yes there is, say the pioneers in the new field of transition engineering, developed to tackle big complex global problems in a systematic way – to try to think our way out of each crisis. To find out more about it, we are joined by the co-founders of the Global Association for Transition Engineering – Daniel Kenning of the company Splendid Engineering and Dr Susan Krumdieck, Professor of Energy Transition at Heriot-Watt University.

Transition to the future ARTICLE IN frontiers magazine
 Jo and Laura Grimond

The annual Grimond Lecture commemorates Jo and Laura Grimond. and their love of bringing forward fresh ideas for society. During his 33 years as Orkney and Shetland’s MP, Jo led the Liberal Party to a national revival with a distinctive radicalism and flair that reached across party boundaries. On retirement in 1983 he was appointed Baron Grimond of Firth. Laura, herself a dynamic campaigner with a long family political tradition, shared the enjoyment of seeking new solutions, at community and national level, an approach we seek to highlight in each Grimond Lecture.


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