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YOYP 2018

We had a new look for the Year of Young People. Generous support from the Year of Young People Event Fund gave the programme an added freshness and originality.


BUT OH MY LOVE! THE CHAIN OF TIME The story was that of the Irish mathematician Sir William Rowan Hamilton, and the music came from three Irish musicians – singer/composer Lorcán Mac Mathúna, fiddle player Daire Bracken and


One of the highlights was Nobel Laureate Sir Paul Nurse (2001, Physiology/Medicine) in conversation with Dave Gray of BBC Radio Orkney. Another one was a dramatised lecture about the life of Paul Dirac, pioneer of quantum theory and arguably,

The Selkie’s New Clothes

Are inspired by the selkie folklore, shape-shifting beings and their transformative powers. In order to shapeshift they had to cast off their sealskins. Within these magical skins lay the transformative power to return to seal form, and therefore to the sea.


Orkney International Science Festival 2018 This was the year when the numbers took off further than ever. There were over 200 people to hear Rachel Dowse’s talk on starlings, and for the genetics day with Jim Wilson

Food Events 2018

There’s an opening lunch of Orkney seafood to follow the session on sustainable fisheries research, and the afternoon looks at further aspects of the sea for the future.

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