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Afternoon tea at Skaill House

The 17th-century mansion close by Skara Brae is the venue for the late Sunday afternoon of the Festival. Built in the 1620s by Bishop George Graham, Skaill House has been cared for and enhanced by its owners over the centuries.

The Reel

The Reel on Broad Street is the venue for the Festival Club and it is really an atmospheric setting at any time of day. In fact, it is probably the nearest that Orkney gets to the atmosphere of a

Judith Glue

Judith Glue's Real Food Cafe in Broad Street, situated across from the Cathedral, is open in the evening as well as through the day throughout the Festival and provides a good option for somewhere to eat when you've just enjoyed

Food at the Festival

Food at the Festival Part of the enjoyment of the Festival is the opportunities that it provides to sample Orkney food. Several events are rounded off with food and drink. On the Sunday afternoon at Skaill House, talks

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