The daily lunches at the Peedie Kirk

Peedie Kirk

Among the highlights of the Festival are the lunches in the Peedie Kirk Hall. It’s an opportunity to enjoy local food, look at works by local artists, and enjoy a chat with friends…

Peedie Kirk


Each day at 1 pm there is the One O’Clock Toast. This is a toast to a well-known person from Orkney, from recent times or the more distant past, given by someone who knows them well. There are insights from family members, descendants, and people with a deep knowledge of the life and times of someone who has made an impact on Orkney and beyond.

The subjects have included the poet and shell expert Robert Rendall, the writer Mary Brunton whose work influenced Jane Austen, the mapmaker Murdoch Mackenzie, and William Reid Tullock who brought the first motor car to Orkney and went on to manufacture one himself.

This year’s toasts will include film industry pioneer James Petrie Chalmers, born 150 years ago; geologist Sir John Flett, director of the Geological Survey of Great Britain; Mary Lauchline McNeill, World War I doctor in Salonika and Serbia; film actor and author Robert Shaw; writer and historian Eric Linklater; and filmmaker and poet Dr Margaret Tait.