Maxwell’s Light

Images from two of the Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell's favourite walks, near Parton in Galloway, where the Lair Burn and the River Urr run close to his house of Glenlair. Jennifer Austin's composition, Maxwell's Light, accompanies Selena S. Kuzman's film. The music is

Brian Boru’s March

The story of the battle is told in our online magazine Frontiers, and how the Norse king of Dublin and the Irish king of Leinster rose against King Brian and brought in the Orkney earl to assist them.

Broad Street Saturday

Broad Street in Kirkwall is the setting for some of the Saturday afternoon events in the annual Orkney International Science Festival. There is the Vintage Rally organised by Orkney Vintage Club, with music by the local jazz band, the Willowburn Valley Stompers, and visiting groups

Three in a Bar

Three in a Bar Three in a Bar came together to play at Festival events and in addition provide music at special events such as the North Ronaldsay Harvest Home and Burns Supper. Here they are with a

The Grand Tour 2012

This is a brief visit to four famous historical pipe organs in Germany, the Czech Republic and The Netherlands. High quality sampled version of these organs were played by Professor George Mcphee using the Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ system.

Maxwell’s Waves and Freeland’s tunes

Maxwell’s Waves and Freeland’s tunes The music for the new dance Maxwell’s Waves was composed by one of the great figures in Scottish traditional music, Freeland Barbour. The dance made its first public appearance at the Island Ceilidh in the 2012 Festival, with guidance

For A’ That 2009

Part of the Homecoming Scotland year of 2009, the event For A’ That linked the message of Robert Burns’s poem of the same name with issues of social justice and environmental responsibility in the world today.