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Discovery Channel scientist to open Orkney Science Festival

The former chief scientist of television’s Discovery Channel, known as Wizard IV, is to open this
year’s Orkney International Science Festival.

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Highlights from Events 2013

There was the story of exploration in the Arctic and in the depths of the sea, on Greenland’s glaciers and in the space probes pushing outwards through the…

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Programme 2014

See the programme for this year’s Festival which covers the 7 days of 4-10 September, with over 60 events on astronomy, earth sciences, energy, medicine, archaeology…

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About Orkney

“Those soft green hills, the ledged sea-cliffs, the shallow lochs, those curving sweeps of sand… the story of them all can be traced back …”

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Highlights from 2013 Family Day

This was the year when you could handle a meteorite and steer a Mars Rover, try out Stone Age technology and wear an Iron Age hood, join the Dustbin Detectives…

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Broad Street Saturday

Broad Street in Kirkwall is the setting for some of the Saturday afternoon events in the annual Orkney International Science Festival. There is the Vintage Rally organised by Orkney Vintage Club…

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Frontiers magazine

Frontiers is a new online magazine highlighting science and people. Our aim is to find fresh ways of viewing existing territory and to look out to new horizons to be explored.

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Festival Updates

The dates for next year’s Orkney International Science Festival will be Thursday 4 to Wednesday 10 September 2014. We’ll be posting up in the near future a timetable of the various announcements of the programme, tickets online, and so on.

Festival Topics
2014 is the Year of Homecoming in Scotland, so we’ll be including some topics on history and on people. Also it’s the 1000th anniversary of the battle of Clontarf, when the forces of Earl Sigurd of Orkney were defeated by the army of the Irish king Brian Boru, and that will lead us into the question of Orkney’s Norse past and the genetic links that may survive today.

We will also be featuring these and other topics in our new online magazine, Frontiers.

Latest News
The petition for a stamp to commemorate John Rae has passed the 600 mark in signatures.

It’s been attracting support from overseas as well as within the UK. It calls for recognition for the achievements of John Rae in solving the two great mysteries of 19th-century Arctic exploration. He found the last link in the Northwest Passage and discovered the fate of the Franklin expedition, but he never received full recognition for what he had accomplished.

The petition can be found here. There is more information on our News page.

Latest From The Blog

This was my very first visit to Orkney and therefore, my first exposure to the vibrant and exhilarating Science Festival. It was an incredible week – the Festival pulsated! It was far larger and far better supported than I would have thought possible.
visitor from Edinburgh