The first video highlights are now available to watch. They include the study of Highland folk medicine ‘Pepperwort and Parsley, Beeswax and Fulmar Oil’, and ‘Big Bill and the Guns of Alamein’, describing the vital role of radio equipment and mine detectors in the battle.

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It’s 50 years since the death of Robert Rendall, Orkney shore naturalist and poet. Two exhibitions in Orkney Library mark the occasion, with archive letters and photos, and new images of the Orkney shore …

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Download it here! It features walking, voyaging, polar exploration and Norse navigation, building great bridges and probing the seabed – plus a return visit of Nobel laureate Prof. Peter Higgs…

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“Those soft green hills, the ledged sea-cliffs, the shallow lochs, those curving sweeps of sand… the story of them all can be traced back, and much of the story goes back around 390 million years…”

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There’s plenty of opportunities to sample local fare, in daily lunches and in special events like a talk and tea in the 17th-century Skaill House. And for a look back at some past highlights . . .

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Book your tickets now! They’re going well, with one event already sold out. In Orkney there’s also the option to call in to the Tourist Office in Kirkwall. Wherever you are, you can book online here …

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You’ll find more in our online magazine. It highlights science and people, with stories of ideas, adventures and exploring new territory, past and present. There’s images
of the countryside, night skies, seascapes

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Festival Updates

The dates for next year’s Festival are 6-12 September 2018. Various topics and speakers are already confirmed and we expect to be able to post up an early outline here around November.

Festival Topics
2018 is the Year of Young People, and so an ideal time for us to have young people to the fore in various ways, and numerous opportunities for people and communities to participate in activities.

Speakers will include Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Prizewinner for Physiology/Medicine in 2001, and there will also be a day of frontline topics in genetics. We will be hearing about the study of genetic links between Orkney and Iceland, going back to Norse times.

We will tell the story of some remarkable people, including the physicist Paul Dirac and the Irish mathematician Sir William Rowan Hamilton, and how a sultan in Samarkand 500 years ago provided the opportunity for a modern measurement of continental drift.

We will look at ancient environments and modern developments with hydrogen and fuel cells, at rockets and space exploration, at the mathematics of Bach and the physics of darts. We will post up more updates soon.

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This was my very first visit to Orkney and therefore, my first exposure to the vibrant and exhilarating Science Festival. It was an incredible week – the Festival pulsated! It was far larger and far better supported than I would have thought possible.
visitor from Edinburgh